Municipal Assets

Collectively, Ontario’s municipalities own and manage billions of dollars in public assets (such as buildings, equipment, service systems e.g., transit, water). Some of these assets can be found on the balance sheet of annual, audited Municipal Financial Statements (financial reserves, land, infrastructure, buildings, etc.) and starting in 2017, municipal governments’ asset management plan. Other assets are more intangible public assets, like municipal enterprises, programs, service monopolies, information technology applications, databases, intellectual property, or even corporate reputation or good will. 
You can explore some asset information of specific projects for Ontario municipalities in the maps below.

All Projects

This map illustrates the majority of federal Gas Tax funding projects in Ontario

All Ongoing Projects

This map show’s active projects that are receiving funding from the federal Gas Tax.

Local Roads and Bridges

This map show's the federal Gas Tax Local Roads and Bridges Projects in Ontario.
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